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Diversification and Integration of technology with traditional methods is Verum Vatio’s hallmark. Theories behind the science of technology will drive the company into solving every industry challenge to optimality

Cloud Solutions
What We Do

What we offer

build Custom pc

Do you want to build a high-end personal computer or a workstation for your home or office? Do you have a budget? Or Do you need to rent a High-end Machine to render your work? Send us an email with your budget and work scope.


Professional Outsourcing

This includes advisory on client needs, we have a wide network of qualified professionals that provide their services to individuals and businesses.



we offer software and hardware acquisition advisory services for every industry. we look at the organizational challenges from theoretical perspective in order to acquire software & hardware that provide the optimal solution.


Design and Development

We have a creative team that design and develop ideas for implementation.

E-Commerce Solutions

We develop e-commerce solutions. We have multivendor platforms available for firms looking to deploy.

R & BD

We offer research and business development services to any organization that is interested in  transforming their business processes with technology. 

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1. Design and Development

2. Designer

3. Customer Support

4. Social Media Strategist

Corporate culture

Why work with us?

We look at every problem from an algebraic point of view. if your challenge can be solved manually like a mathematical problem, optimal success is attainable.


  • You create value for money
  • We provide professional advisory on the real life problems faced.
  • You grow with the company.

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